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“It’s the totality of the site—all these different lines of evidence that can’t be explained by processes other than human activity,” he says. But “nature is mischievous and can break bones and modify stones in a myriad of ways,” says Meltzer, who thinks that the evidence is “inherently ambiguous.” Ariane Burke from the University of Montreal adds that the fractures are consistent with the bones having been struck by a heavy object while still fresh—but it’s not clear if humans did the striking. The problem is that in focusing on the fractures, the team haven’t published information on the rest of the bones, which might reveal signs of weathering or other natural abrasions. “It is one thing to show that broken bones and modified rocks could have been produced by people, which they’ve done,” says Grayson. “It is quite another to show that people, and people alone, could have produced those modifications. This they have most certainly not done, making this a very easy claim to dismiss.” Even if Holen, Deméré, and their colleagues are right, why has no one else found any trace of these bone-smashing pioneers? “Where are the clearly recognizable artifacts that hominins throughout the Old World were making 130,000 years ago?” says Erlandson. “And if people were in California at this time, what happened to them for the next 100,000 years?” Deméré can only speculate. Perhaps these people represented a failed attempt to colonize the New World—they arrived but eventually disappeared, leaving a hominid-less window of time before others entered America much later. And “maybe archaeologists just aren’t looking in 130,000-year-old rocks for evidence of humans,” he says. “You have to ask the question first.

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